1. Episode 65 ~ Excuse me while I go shoot a pilot

Episode 65 ~ Excuse me while I go shoot a pilot

The cool thing about living in the most gnarly and rugged rainforest in the universe is that sometimes the big boys roll through to capture some of our legit mystique. If you’re trying to give people a cinematic experience, all you really have to do is open your lens on the giant windswept trees just past the beach where the waves come to an end. That’s why I couldn’t help but take a gig as an extra on ABC’s The Crossing pilot. Heard about it through a hitchhiking ride originally and was excited when I got a call to be one of the people from the future trying to escape back to North America. It was a totally rad experience (although not as easy as you would think to lay dead on the beach in the middle of the night, the way the thermometer drops around here). But don’t worry guys, I got you. I brought you some lush and hyper beats to carry you through until next week. Peace. Tracklist: Annix - Slaughtered (ft. Ragga Twins) @annix Batpiss - Weatherboard Man Benny L - Bullfighter (Serum remix) @serum Break - Who Got Da Funk Clowns - Dropped My Brain DeeZ X Smigonaut - Moonlit Excursions @smigonaut Detox Unit - Depth Charge @detoxunit Erb N Dub Crissy Criss & Malux - Wonky @erbndub @crissycriss @maluxdnb Goldfrapp - Anymore @goldfrapp Highly Suspect - My Name is Human @highlysuspect June Miller & Teddy Killerz - Wildlife @junemiller @teddykillerz Loadstar - Guerilla @loadstar Maetrik - Bottom Heavy @maceoplex Moderat - Nr. 22 @moderat-official M.I.A. - P.O.W.A. @miamaya Peter Silberman - Ahimsa @antirecords Rennie Foster - Floatilla @renniefoster Serum & Inja - Blow Them Away @injamusic Silent Season - Mystica Tribe @silent-season Smilk - Inside Itself @smilkmusic Teddy Killerz - Unbelievable Templo Music - Dreamin @templomusic

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